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ArZ3niA is a Science Based Beauty™️ and Lifestyle brand. The next phase in our Evolution that is based on Wellness, education and excellence. The very name ArZ3niA represents our desire for Well roundedness a Brand that encompasses our desire to feel alive, wellness from A-Z, the number 3 the unofficial key to the universe.

ArZ3niA represents our desire for a truly fulfilling life experience. An ever growing desire to transcend and cultivate Thyself. A deeper understanding of our chemical make up, brain, anatomy and path to expedited evolution . Gathering lifetimes of discovery from all realms we find important , literature, modern apothecary, exercise, human analysis, evolutionary studies and the path to fulfillment delivered to you within our Facilities, in Blog Posts, through mindful Products, digital art and culture.

Our intention in bringing ArZ3niA to the world is to deliver you digestible bits of our most important principles that will improve your quality of life, transform your mindset, your confidence, beauty regime and many other aspects . As We Learn from historians, the greatest minds in science and philosophy we will continue to put together an optimal blueprint for an incredible human experience.


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Made in Canada grade A serum, Offers significant results without harmful ingredients, Clinically tested, Recommended by dermatologists, Improves lash and brow health, thickness and fullness, Results within 7-21 days with daily use, Made with 7 ingredients


More Than Lips

Made in Toronto high quality plant based, organic and all natural lip products.  Good for you and the planet.



Canadian based company dedicated to formulating botanical infused skincare for every skin type & skin tone. Affordable and effective skincare that is handmade in small batches with only the best natural plant & fruit extracts.

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Local, healthy and eco-friendly.  Wellness from A-Z.

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